Brothers fashion a new pursuit

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Designing minds > Siblings launch operation that caters to small businesses and fashionistas

High-tech printing services have finally made it to Los Alamos, thanks to the creative forces of two brothers, Josh and Caleb Stringer, who officially opened JCS Printing this month.

After spending four years in the printing industry in New York, Josh longed to own and operate his own printing business. Tired of the east coast, Josh moved back to New Mexico this year, and decided to put his marketing degree from New Mexico State to good use by opening his own business.

Caleb’s love of art and fashion design made him a natural business partner. Together, they decided to initially focus their attention on the manufacturing end of the printing process, with plans to create and sell their own unique designs in the future. They soon purchased a new Anajet direct-to-garment printer, spending months training and attending conferences in order to hone their new skills and learn the intricacies of their new equipment.

They built their new business with the tech-savvy, “t-shirt nerd” in mind. Clients can conjure their very own t-shirt designs and easily send them to JCS for printing. Since there are no minimum order quantities, clients can truly own an original garment. There are no setup fees, no limit or extra charge for colors, and they use environmental friendly, water-based inks. Clients can even choose from an array of t-shirt options, everything from basic cotton shirts to designer blends.

JCS Printing goes beyond garment printing and can print on anything flat including wood, glass, and plastic. They can even turn high quality photographs into canvas art prints for wall displays. They have various finishing methods depending on the medium, to assure a high quality, long lasting product.

The business is off to fast start with clients such as Ruby K’s, the Civil Air Patrol and the Bilingual Montessori School, already utilizing their services. Josh shares that businesses enjoy being able to order what they need when they need it, instead of placing bulk orders of shirts that will eventually take up space on a storage self. They can locally obtain what they used to order from other suppliers, with faster turnaround times and more economical pricing.

Although the brothers just launched the business, they are already looking to the future. Soon, Caleb hopes to use his own artwork to design and create his own T-shirt line.

They are currently learning the art of embroidery, as well; another service they plan to also offer in the future.
They recently purchased a local embroidery business and will spend the next couple of months training and learning yet another skill to better serve the community they both know and love.

The business will be moving to its permanent location at 398 Bryce in the next few weeks and clients will soon be able to place orders on their website, which is currently under construction.

For quotes or to place orders, contact Josh or Caleb at (505) 709-8885 or follow JCS Printing on Facebook to keep up with the latest information.

Visit them soon at jcsprintingnm.com.  

-April M. Brown