Branding LA?

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Our town made it this morning as the focus of USA TODAY’s Fifty States in the New Mexico column! Our image may now be changed to the town that is spending $50,000 for an “image change.” Los Fools, New Mexico!
Most folks are not proud of the destruction caused by the first bombs that the U.S. dropped over Japan. But we are proud that our spot on this mountain was chosen to be the birthplace of the Atomic Age and that the scientists assembled here were able, in such a short time, to create a device that ended World War II and probably saved more lives than the number of lives lost in that destruction.
City banners along Central proclaim “ Where Discoveries are made” I think most people who live here do think of our town in that way, along with “The Town That Energizes the Economy of Northern New Mexico.” We are also proud of our beautiful mountain setting, the hiking trails and the people who work for environmental preservation and awareness.
We may gripe about having no bookstore, no Hallmark , no J.C. Penney, but we’re proud of our library, our schools, smartest kids in the country, and even our Blue Whale (which is no longer blue) with its Olympic size pool, (the only one at this altitude) where even Japanese swim teams come to train.
If we need a title to put on official stationery or travel ads, just add one word, “The Atomic SCIENCE City.” I’m a member of the Atomic City Roadrunners. I like the name. I hope we don’t become known as the “ Foolish City Runners!” Image, schimmidge. Save the 50K for something more tangible.

Inez Ross
Los Alamos