BP setting new definition for ‘weasel’

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By The Staff

From the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary: weasel - noun; a sneaky, untrustworthy or insincere person.

Our airwaves have lately been inundated with spokesmen who have dusted off their “down-home” accents to tell us all about what BP is doing to mitigate the effects of its record-setting deepwater horizon oil spill in the Gulf of New Mexico.

Their statements are upbeat, rosy, reassuring and utterly fictitious.

BP is currently engaged in many underhanded activities.

They are contributing to university oil drilling research centers.

These donations come with strings to ensure that experts at these facilities do not give statements or testimony contrary to BP’s interests.

They are offering hard-pressed businesses with claims for damages due to the spill one-time payments in lieu of the right to sue.

They are nitpicking claimants’ paperwork in order to deny or reduce payment amounts.

Their cleanup efforts have been more for show than effect.

Booms have been deployed ineffectively and improperly maintained.

Millions of gallons of toxic dispersants have been used to disappear millions of gallons of toxic oil from our cameras’ view. The live feed video of the leaking well head was disconnected.

Merriam-Webster’s will soon be able to list a new synonym for weasel ­— BP.

Adele E. Zimmermann