Boy scouts compete in pushmobile relay

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By Special to the Monitor

On Oct. 16, 97 Cub Scouts from seven area Cub Scout Packs competed in the Northern New Mexico District Pushmobile Race at White Rock LDS Church.
Pushmobile is a relay race similar to soapbox derby. Teams of six to 10 Cub Scouts push a car built by their Cub Scout pack. Each team is divided up so that two scouts start the race, with one steering and one pushing.
After they race the car 50 feet, another two scouts take over and guide the car for 50 feet to the next station, where the final group of two scouts take over.
The third relay group races 25 feet to a tight turnaround, which must be negotiated carefully to avoid turning over the car and returns to the station where they switch with the second group.
The scout who pushed in the group’s previous leg then steers to the last station where the original group takes over and races to the finish line.
Two teams race against each other in each heat. Each team runs three heats and awards are made based on the best times in the race, with each tam’s slowest time dropped.
Teamwork is extremely important just as in track relay races, as the winning team almost always has the smoothest changes when switching drivers and pushers.
Safety is vital so the scouts wear protective helmets and are encouraged to wear additional protective padding. Two minor injuries did occur during the day.
The two scouts had minor scrapes and continued racing after first aid was rendered.
In the final event of the day, there was a virtual tie after three heats between two teams from Pack 326 and Pack 27.
In a winner-takes-all tiebreaker, Pack 326 had a flawless and extremely fast run on 50.19 seconds to take first place in the Webelos division after the Pack 27 team had a bad exchange at the third station.


Results for the
2010 relay race:

Tiger Cubs, first grade; First, Pack 20: W. Painter, C. Haag, C. Noakes, A. Collins, W. Rendell, W. Williams.
Average time: 1:488:44 per Heather McClenahan
Second, Pack 229 and Pack 326:
Average time: 1:59:68
Third, Pack 22 and Pack 27
Average time: 2:05:35

Wolves, second grade: First, Pack 229: I. Kuropatwinski, J. Posada, Z. Geller, D. Simpson, volunteers from other teams
Average time: 1:21:34
Second, Pack 20 and Pack 27
Average time: 1:22:30
Third, Pack 22, Pack 222, Pack 326
Average time: 1:24:19
Fourth, Pack 326
Average time: 1:45:20

Bears, third grade; First, Pack 422, Pack 20, Pack 222: S. Stokes, D. Davenport, B. Davenport, B. Casados, E. Rushton, E. Miller
Average time: 55:16
Second, Pack 22 and Pack 27
Average time: 54:46
Third, Pack 326
Average time: 57:95
Fourth, Pack 229
Average time: 59:27

Webelos, fourth and fifth grades: First, Pack 326: H Riggs, A. Lauritzen, N. Berndt, S. Fisher, S. Williams, J. Torrez, M. Peters, R. Swart, M. Light
Average time: 51:36
Second, Pack 27, Gold Webelos
Average time: 53:35
Third, Pack 27 Blue Webelos
Average time: 55:75
Fourth: Pack 326 Team B
Average Time: 56:00
Fifth: Pack 20, Pack 22, Pack 29
Average time: 1:00:03