Board of Directors votes to let Tripp rescind his resignation

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NMAA: Executive director will take it ‘year by year’

By Mike Cote

Not so fast.
Gary Tripp, the executive director of the New Mexico Activities Association, may have changed his mind about retiring after this academic year.
Tripp, who has led the NMAA since 2004, announced that he asked the NMAA board of directors to rescind his decision to retire.
The NMAA is the governing body of most major sports and interscholastic activities in the state.
In June, NMAA officials announced that Tripp had turned in his letter of resignation to the board effective June 2012, immediately after the end of the current academic year. However, Tripp had a bit of a change of heart recently.
“I am going to take it year by year and not make a decision in the future when I am tired at the conclusion of a school year,” Tripp told the Los Alamos Monitor.
The board of directors voted to allow him to rescind his resignation last week.
Tripp took over the NMAA following the departure of longtime executive director Dan Salzwedel. Salzwedel stepped down in early 2004 after a major shortfall in the NMAA’s budget came to light.
Tripp has been credited for making several changes to the NMAA’s structure and operations.
The NMAA has generally received high marks since Tripp’s changes have been implemented, a big contrast to the association’s marks during Salzwedel’s tenure.