Blaming Republicans wrong

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

I just recently read an article “Residents express concern over missing campaign signs” and the wife of County Councilor Mike Wheeler made some very strong accusations towards Republicans stating, “I thought Republicans stood for freedom and property rights, but maybe that is only for them.”

 I am a Republican and I am very much offended by this statement. Without any evidence supporting her claims Mrs. Wheeler just goes out and begins pointing fingers and accusing those she doesn’t agree with politically of wrong doing. Is this the proper behavior of a local politician’s spouse, I think not?

 The Republicans I know and consider friends would never do such an act and to be accused whether directly or indirectly by Mrs. Wheeler or any other person is not only hurtful but wrong.

 Let me be very clear that I do not condone nor commend anyone taking elections signs (from either party) and I would encourage those that have done so to please stop.

Los Alamos