Blame the messenger

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When are you stupid idiots going to stop blaming me for your so-called vehicle “accidents?”
First of all, traffic crashes are not my fault. Snowflakes do not conspire to push vehicles together.
Dust or smoke doesn’t collude to invade driver’s eyes causing them to be temporarily blinded.
And when the ambient temperature is below freezing and your roads are wet ... DUH! Can you spell I-C-E? Did you skip school the week the science teacher talked about ice?
And get something else straight. Motor vehicle collisions are not “accidents.”
They are caused by bad drivers and it’s time you admitted it. You are misleading the public by implying that “It was just an accident.” It wasn’t!
If I get blamed one more time for your traffic crashes I’m going to cry.
That will be another Sandy. If it is cold it will be snow, like Boston. When I really get fed up with being blamed for your bad driving, I will get angry. What do you think causes tornadoes, hurricanes and flooding?
So how about it media? Send a memo to all your writers, announcers, directors and producers. No more use of the word “accident” and no more blaming me for your stupid driving.
No more “blame the weather” reports. If you are going to report it, put the blame where it belongs, on the drivers. “Freedom of the Press” doesn’t mean you are free to lie and mislead.
How about a report like this instead. “A fifty car pileup on (insert location) resulted in (x number) of injuries and bad drivers are to blame.”

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