Black Friday only the beginning

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By Ralph Damiani

Today is Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving that is the beginning of the traditional holiday shopping season.

As we all run off to do our shopping, it would be wise to remember all the options that we have right here at home.

While Black Friday is not an official holiday, many employers give folks the day off, which increases the number of shoppers. And while retailers decorate for the holiday season weeks beforehand, many of them open early to draw people to their stores.

There are many bargains out there and each shopper should dig them out. But we remind you that right here at home you will find almost everything you need – and save gas and the spare yourself the crowds by shopping in Los Alamos.

From CB Fox to Otowi to Brownell’s and many more, you will find gifts and special items at competitive prices right here on the Hill. And besides saving fuel and your heartburn, you will be helping your community by shopping at home, with local people that you know.

Be smart, be responsible and shop Los Alamos.

And in case you were wondering, why the term “Black Friday?” It is used to refer to the beginning of the period in which many retailers are “in the black,” i.e., turning a profit.