Births 04-03-11

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The following births were reported at Los Alamos Medical Center:

March 7: A boy, Devin Jeremy Coriz, born to Briana and Kevin Coriz
March 8: A boy, Jacob Serkan Owens, born to Tuba and Israel Owens
March 11: A boy, Carter Joshua Partin, born to Kristen and Ben Partin
March 12: A girl, Delila Sage Dewees, born to Victoria Stone and Todd Dewees
March 17: A girl, Kaylee Ann Quintana, born to Elizabeth Vigil and Justin Quintana
March 18: A girl, Ivy Mondragon, born to Grace Chham and Jarrauh Mondragon
March 21: A girl, Elena Renae Castillo, born to Anita and Miguel Castillo
March 16: A girl, Essance Rainlee Atencio, born to Latisha Cuch and Kenneth Atencio
March 24: A girl, Maribella Jen Salas, born to Sandra and Robert Salas
March 24: A boy, James Tietje Kretz, born to Jamie and Matthew Kretz
March 26: A girl, Alyssa Jeanine Sanders, born to Antonya and Ryan Sanders