Births 01-15-12

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The following births were reported at Los Alamos Medical Center:

• Nov. 18: A boy, Christian Palomino Rodriguez, born to Arcenia Palomino and Mario Rodriguez
• Nov. 20: A boy, Isaiah Lucas Wheat, born to Amanda and Michael Wheat
• Nov. 26:  A boy, Wriston Thomas Crowell, born to Katharine and Michael Crowell
• Nov. 30: A boy, Damian Demytri Whittaker, born to Claudine A. Martinez and Jess M. Whittaker
• Dec. 1: A girl, Hannah Joy Salazar, born to Lenny and David Salazar
• Dec. 5: A girl, Cora Evan Martinez, born to Rachael and Jeremy Martinez
• Dec. 6: A girl, Mia Aliana Garcia, born to Dolores and Tony Garcia
• Dec. 7: A boy, Lucas Manuel Cisneros, born to Aubrey and Isaiah Cisneros
• Dec. 9: A girl, Robyn Noel Watkins, born to Becca and Jon Watkins
• Dec. 14: A girl, Madison Berry, born to Candace Trujillo and Matthew Berry
• Dec. 20: A girl, Haylee Gray St. Martin, born to Crystal and Nathanael St. Martin
• Dec. 22: A boy, Zachary Keith Bingham, born to Cara and James Bingham
• Dec. 24: A girl, Hailey Lynn Buck, born to Teresa and Steven Buck
• Dec. 26: A boy, Sean Andres Urioste, born to Leanna and Ricardo Urioste