Bikers for cancer stop in LA

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Some members of the Texas 4000 For Cancer spent a day getting to know Los Alamos Monday as they continued their 70-day biking journey from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska.

Texas 4000 For Cancer is an organization from the University of Texas that annually bikes over 4,000 miles from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska while trying to share hope, knowledge and charity as part of the fight against cancer.

The group’s time spent in Los Alamos included a visit to the Bradbury Science Museum and a dinner at the UnQuarked Wine Room.

At UnQuarked several of the riders stood up and shared their message.

“Raise your hand if you know someone who has passed away from cancer,” one rider said as nearly every hand in the room slowly rose. “As you can see cancer affects a lot of us, and the only really positive thing that comes out of it is all the fight to end cancer, such as our journey.”

Texas 4000 has three central pillars-hope, knowledge and charity. “We raise at least $4,500 for cancer research each, and in total we’ve raised over $8 million,” another rider said.

As the group prepared to continue their journey, they made it clear that Los Alamos was not just some random stop to them. “I just want to thank y’all for welcoming us to Los Alamos,” the last speaker said. “We had a wonderful day, we got to geek out at the science museum which was really exciting.”

To learn more about the group and follow them on their 70-day journey visit texas4000.org.