Bicyclist hit by car rushed to hospital

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Accident occurred this morning on Bathtub Row.

By Carol A. Clark

A vehicle crashed into a bicyclist riding on Bathtub Row this morning.

"The bicyclist's injuries are serious but don't appear life-threatening," said Assistant Fire Chief/Fire Marshal Mike Thompson.

Sgt. Jeff Regenold was at the scene and said the accident occurred at about 7:10 a.m. when a 39-year-old man making a right-hand turn in his 1998 Ford station wagon hit a 56-year-old woman riding her bicycle.

The impact from the vehicle left a deep gash in the woman's foot, which was bleeding profusely, Regenold said.

The Los Aamos Fire Department transported the bicyclist to the Los Alamos Medical Center where she is currently undergoing x-rays.

"We really want to remind everyone how important it is to drive with caution - vehicle vs. bicycle accidents never turn out good," Thompson said.

The accident is under investigation.