Bible answers: What the Bible says about daily work

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By Pastor Chuck McCullough

“How does the Bible help me think about my job right now?” — John

The Bible may not refer to your particular job, but it does have some important things to say about work.
First, the Bible shows that work is right and good and not a curse. It mentions teachers, soldiers, physicians, construction workers, and scientists (perhaps that term is just a bit of a stretch: the magi in Mt. 2:1ff specialized in astronomy, astrology, and natural science.) Jesus was a carpenter; His followers were working men. Paul, the missionary, made tents for a living (Acts 18:3).
Scripture does not elevate “sacred” over “secular” occupations. Jesus was certainly not a religious professional. Being a Christian does not mean you may do only religious work. Indeed, God calls you to your work and wants you to continue doing it well (I Cor. 7:20-24). It is how you provide for your family (I Tim. 5:8).
Daily work is, in a sense, participation with God in His creative activity in the world.
The significance of your work is based in the teaching that humans are created in the image of an active, creative God (Gen. 1:26ff).
As such, you are a free, responsible person who is capable of leaving the world better than it was when you entered it (II Thess. 3:7-13).
Being a collaborator with God imbues your work with meaning and demands that you bring integrity and high standards of ethics to your work (Eph. 4:28; I Tim. 6:1-2).
You work well then, not simply because you get paid, or because you fear your boss, or because your identity and self-esteem are wrapped up in your job, but because you realize that you somehow fit into the larger picture of what God is doing in the world (Gal. 6:2-10).