Bible Answers: Is there life on other planets?

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“Here is a strange question: Does the Bible say anything about life on other planets? If there is life out there, how would God deal with ‘them ?’ ”— Matt

You’ve asked two different questions here. The first earns a rather clear-cut answer: No, the Bible doesn’t speak of life on other planets.  What it does give us, however, is a grand portrayal of a God who is Lord over all of creation.  
He called forth “light-bearers in the expanse of the heavens ... the sun, moon and stars”, the ancient Hebrew writer exulted (Gen. 1:14-18)! He delighted in His creation — all that He saw was good.  
So, we’ll ask a related question: Could there be, in that limitless expanse of the heavens, planets suitable for life (life as we understand it or other life forms)?
From a biblical and theological standpoint, the answer is, “Of course!” The magnificent imagery of Genesis 1 portrays a purposeful, sovereign, creative God who is not limited but is totally free to do whatever He wants, however He chooses to do it.
The second of your questions is more challenging. How would God deal with other life forms (assume sentient life forms, not mold or bacteria)?  
Our best clue is what we see in Scripture concerning the nature of God: He loves His creation, He involves Himself in it and He works to redeem it from its waywardness.  
He offers Himself with grace and hope, inviting those who are capable of responding at all to enter into a new kind of life in relationship with Him.
Pondering the mysteries of the universe will, at some point, bring us to the place where we must consider our place in it.  
In the process, we may find ourselves pondering the mysteries of God as well and exploring how we will respond to Him.