Bible Answers: A perfect God in a broken world

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“How does one reconcile a completely perfect and loving God with a broken and sinful world?”

Part two of a two-part answer

Last week, we addressed this question by looking at two biblical teachings: God has begun the process of redeeming this broken world and He is doing more than we can know or see.
Here is a third point to consider:
God sees things differently from us. Our “sight” is bounded by the time and space we inhabit. The experiences of our life essentially set the limits of our understanding. In this narrow space, our pain, in the moment, seems to us to be all-encompassing, unbearable, and unfair.
The entire tenor of Scripture indicates that God sees it all — past, present, and future.
His perspective encompasses the full depth and breadth of our existence — He even knows the purposes behind our suffering.
This is why so much of Scripture enjoins us to trust Him even when we cannot see or feel Him or recognize His response to our pleading (see II Cor. 12:1-10).
From His perspective, our suffering is but temporary and, dare I say it, even light, compared to the “eternal glory” that awaits us (II Cor. 4:7-18; see Eph. 2:5-7).
These biblical insights are likely only empty platitudes for one without faith.
The real challenge for one who seeks to reconcile a loving God with a broken world is to cultivate a relationship with this God. Peter, who wrote of that living, unfading hope (see I Pet. 1:3-5), wrote in the very next paragraph that “various trials are proof of our faith… so that even though we do not see God we love Him and believe in Him and rejoice that the outcome of our faith is the salvation of our soul” (I Pet. 1:6-9; see also Rom. 8:35-39).