Bible Answers: How important is fashion in Christianity?

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“What does the Bible say about clothing and what is appropriate dress for Christians?”— Kaye

Clothing is a big deal and has been in ancient and modern societies alike. The clothing industry is a vast enterprise because our culture encourages people to invest a great deal of time, energy, and money in assuring that their wardrobe is up-to-date. Well, who doesn’t like nice clothes? Who isn’t concerned, at least a little, with being fashionable?
The Bible does not provide a specific dress code. As you might guess, numerous Scripture texts go beyond the mention of clothing to address the deeper issues; i.e., the attitude of the heart, outward behavior and character and matters of faith.
Jesus cautioned about worrying too much about what you will wear (Mt. 6:25). “There are more important things to consider,” He said. “Trust God to provide what you need.”
Paul advised women to dress modestly, “with decency and propriety.” Their appearance should reflect their heart and the fact that they worship God. What matters more than outward adornment, he wrote, is that they “dress themselves in good deeds.” (I Tim. 2:9-10)
Peter indicated that genuine beauty does not come from external attire but from the inner self, “the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit.” (I Pet. 3:3-4)
There is value to be found in style, tastefulness, etc., regarding clothing. These are not bad things.
But remember this: in spite of the ubiquity of the familiar axiom, clothes actually don’t make the man (or woman). Clothes mostly make an impression.
What makes the man (and woman) are the condition of your heart, the focus of your will, the values that define your character and the object of your faith.
Invest all you’ve got in making these beautiful; strive to be the person God desires you to be — and clothing choices will follow.