Bible Answers: Being faithful while listening to Lady Gaga

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“If I want to be faithful to the Bible and to my faith, but I like to listen to Lady Gaga, can I do both?”— Katie

Before you can answer this, you have to engage in some serious thought and honest appraisal of what matters in your life.
You have to become a critical thinker. Ask yourself why you like to listen to her: is it the sound of her voice, the lyrics of her songs?
Perhaps you are entertained by her outlandish costumes and “out there” behavior.
Well, taste is what it is, but you should consider that your peers and media marketers largely shape pop culture entertainment preferences.
At some point, you have to think for yourself and decide what is truly worth the expenditure of your time and attention (Pr. 14:15-18.)
So, here are some statements and questions to consider if you want to be faithful to Scripture while your taste runs to Lady Gaga:
• You want to be a person of morality and integrity. Do you associate yourself with persons (entertainers and celebrities as well as friends) who not only reflect your morality but whom, by their actions, reinforce what you know to be good and right? (Rom. 12:2)
• You know that everything you watch or listen to has the potential to affect your mind and spirit.
Are you putting into your mind stuff that leads to wisdom and maturity? (It might be acceptable to you, but it may not be good for you; Rom. 14:16-23; I Cor. 10:23-31).
• As a person of faith, you know that God invites you into an intimate personal relationship with Him. Do the music you listen to and the values it espouses build up or tear down that relationship? (I Cor. 10:7-14; Gal. 5:16-25).
 • You only have so much time in your life. Are you using it wisely, investing it in things that have lasting value? (I Jn. 2:15-17).