Best Sellers 12-23-10

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The Monitor has the inside scoop on what locals are reading. Otowi Station issued a current list of  popular books for Los Alamos readers.

1.  “Little Black Book of Economic Development,”
Don Alan Holbrook

2.  “The Elements,” Theodore Gray

 3.  “The Making of theAtomic Bomb,” Richard Rhodes

4.  “Los Alamos: Beginning of an Era,” LANL*
 5.  “Los Alamos Trails,” Craig Martin
6.  “Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell and Know,” Alexandra Horowitz

7.   “The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo,”Stieg Larsson

8.  “Star Wars with 240 LEGO Bricks,” Vicki Taylor

9.  “Apollo’s Angels: A History of Ballet,”
Jennifer Homans

10. “Half Broke Horses,” Jeannette Walls

* Local author