Best Sellers 07-05-12

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The Los Alamos Monitor  has the inside scoop on what locals are reading. Otowi Station issued a current list of  popular books for Los Alamos readers.

1. “Wonder,” R.J. Palacio
2. “Arsty-Fartsy,” Karla Oceanak*
3. “Fifty Shades Darker,” E.L. James
4. “Mockingjay,” Suzanne Collins
5. “Hi! Fly Guy,” Tedd Arnold
6. “109 East Palace,” Jennet Conant
7. “Math Basics, Grade 1,” Joan Hoffman
8. “Red Chile Bible,” Kathleen Hansel
9. “Wildflowers of the Southern Rocky
Mountains,” Janis Lindsey Huggins
10. “Atom Bombs: the Top Secret Inside Story of Little Boy and Fat Man,” John Coster-Mullen
* Denotes local or regional author