Below average snow expected in LA area

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By The Staff

The Los Alamos National Laboratory Climate Prediction Center predicts La Niña conditions during the fall and winter will result in below-average snowfall this winter in Los Alamos.

The center also predicts above-average temperatures and below-average precipitation from November through January in the area, according to LANL meteorologist David Bruggeman.

Los Alamos and White Rock received near-average precipitation for October and the area continues to measure near average for the year. Los Alamos measured about 1 degree above average for maximum, minimum and mean temperature for October, Bruggeman said.

“The slightly above-average temperatures were a result of high-pressure systems near the state,” Bruggeman said.
All of the precipitation measured in Los Alamos happened during the first week of October. High-pressure systems kept the area dry for remainder of the month.