Be flat out fashionable

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By Alexandra Hehlen

Every day I see teens hurrying to meetings, booking it to class or legging it down the street to catch their buses.
With so much to do and so little time on our hands, we’ve got to get around fast. Despite that fact, some of us still want to wear our trendy new heels.
We all know that getting around in a hurry is not going to happen in wedges or stilettos, but fashionistas would argue that to accessorize the majority of their outfits, tennis shoes just won’t do.
Additionally, some people — even the most devout fashion queens — shy away from high heels.
After all, this type of shoe is not healthy for your feet, especially if worn often, and finding a truly comfortable heel is, while doable, a daunting and arduous task.
The shoe that can best keep our feet comfortable and fashionable is the flat.
Wedged sneakers and heeled boots are strutting down the runway as some of the trendiest footwear for this season and next, but flats aren’t far behind. In fact, they may soon outrun stilettos.
One of my favorite flats —and one that is massively trendy right — now is the penny loafer flat.
This shoe has a slightly different shape than a ballet flat and comes in every color and pattern imaginable. Designers are selling penny loafer flats in suede, with sequins and with studs, among many variations.
In an article about the inconvenience of high heels, The Wall Street Journal writer Christina Binkley discussed the new “power flat,” a Christian Louboutin shoe designed for “… speed, better balance and comfort.”
These power flats offer a way for women to keep their feet moving in a trendy, comfortable way.
However, Louboutins, no matter how comfortable or gorgeous, are expensive.
There are plenty of other options out there, including power flats by other designers. You can even update your shoe by inserting arch supports for comfort.
Take a shoe-shopping trip and try on as many flats as you need to. In the end, you’ll find something that’s comfortable and just flat out fashionable.