BCS Take Two...

A quick scan of the Texas Christian and Boise State websites don't make any mention of the new playoff format in college football. Weird.

TCU and Boise State both jumped ship from the region to join BCS conferences in hopes to get their hands on that sweet, sweet BCS title game invitation.

Oh, the irony.

With TCU moving into the Big 12 this season and Boise State set to move into the Big East next season, the power players of college football decided to scrap the whole BCS thing and move to a four-team playoff format. So, for TCU and Boise State, two oft-excluded mid-major conference teams, their move to BCS conferences will be effectively voided.

In theory, the six BCS conferences — the SEC, Big East, Big 10, Big 12, ACC and Pac-12 — don't get automatic bids to the playoffs, which will start in 2014. In practice, I don't think much will change.

The SEC and Big 10 are still the conferences to beat, playoff or no, plus, the power conference teams are the ones folks watch — the mid-major "Cinderella" teams haven't yet achieved a status above novelty act.

The power balance of major college football isn't changing anytime soon. A Mountain West or C-USA squad is going to have to do some pretty fast talking to get into the conversation of being a top-four team.

The move, announced Tuesday, seems more smoke-and-mirrors than anything, not to mention a chance to pull some extra bank in for the big boys. It's not a tournament. It's an extra game for two teams that will have little effect beyond what the BCS title game already has. And notice the venue for the semifinal games aren't changing. They will be played in the usual places: Pasadena, New Orleans, Miami and Tempe, with perhaps a couple of other venues thrown into the mix.

So, how long will it be before we see Boise State vs. TCU in the New Mexico Bowl?