Baskin Robbins to close temporarily

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By Jennifer Garcia

Winter months are typically hard times for ice cream stores and Baskin Robbins is no exception.


Soon BR patrons will have to find another way to satisfy their ice cream cravings, as the store on Trinity closes for a while to undergo a transformation.


With the onset of spring, Baskin Robbins will reopen, with a new look and a new menu. It will be a place that serves breakfast and lunch, with a focus on providing hot food.


“We will no longer be Baskin Robbins,” store owner Dan Sena said.


The store will be closed for approximately two to three months while it is renovated.


“January and February are the slowest time of the year,” Sena said. “During the winter months of which Los Alamos has many, we are extremely slow, and now that Baskin Robbins has taken away nonfat yogurt, that was a big seller, it’s hard to survive winter.”


Because of the tough winter months, Sena and business partner/wife, Margie, decided to close the Baskin Robbins store and open a new store where people could buy more than just ice cream, although, ice cream will still be part of the menu.


Sena wouldn’t say what type of ice cream would be sold, but he did say that they will still sell ice cream cakes and other ice cream confections.


“We’ll announce the type of ice cream later on. It will either be ice cream or gelato,” he said.


 Sena said that the changes taking place in his store are all equipment changes. He also said that he wants to be highly efficient with his retail space.


“Our space is our space and that’s all that we have. We’ll re-do the whole interior and the patio, as well. It’s kind of a whole new efficiency design,” he commented.


Local architect Floyd Strub is working on the redesign of the Senas’ store.


The Senas’ store has been in its current location since 1987, however, the Baskin Robbins franchise has been in Los Alamos for 27 years. Sena said that he will have to hire a whole new crew to help run his store because they’ll be serving ice cream as well as breakfast and lunch. “Spring and summer is when we hire, anyhow,” he said.


Sena said that his current crew is pretty excited about the changes.


“They know how boring it can be during a slow winter night,” he said. He mentioned that one day last week, his workers went six hours without a single customer going into the store. “They’re excited about having more work to do,” he said.


Though the store will be closed for the winter, Sena wants to emphasize that it’s a temporary closure.


“We don’t want anyone to think that we’re going out of business,” he said. “We’re building another good place for Los Alamos.” He also wants people to know that his new place will still be an ice cream store. “It’ll look different, but rest assured, it’ll still be an ice cream store. I’ll be serving ice cream until I die,” he joked.


The store will close down on Wednesday, but Sena will hold a 50 percent off sale on the 28, before the store is closed for remodeling.