Bartlett to speak at historical society’s first lecture

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By Special to the Monitor

Manhattan Project veteran and Physics Professor Emeritus at UC Boulder, Albert Bartlett, will be the guest speaker for the Los Alamos Historical Society’s first lecture of the 2010 season.  
The talk will be at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at Fuller Lodge as part of the monthly lecture series sponsored by the Los Alamos National Bank and members of the Los Alamos Historical Society.
Operation Crossroads was the first postwar series of tests of atomic bombs.  In Washington, D.C., there was great interest in testing the new weapons.
Naval commanders were eager to have something to do as the Pacific fleet demobilized. It all came together in Operation Crossroads with two test explosions (Able, air burst test, and Baker, the underwater test) in the lagoon of the remote Bikini Atoll. Naval ships from the US and Japan destined for mothballing were strung out as targets for the atomic tests.  
Bartlett will recall some of the adventures of his time in Los Alamos as well as during the south Pacific testing and his participation at Bikini Atoll that will be illustrated with slides.
For more information, contact the Historical Society offices at 662-6272.