Barking dogs need to be controlled

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By The Staff

It has been my observation over the last several years that the barking dog issue is, at best, difficult to address. This is primarily because many (if not the majority) of dog owners are oblivious to the fact that their dogs bark — and/or believe that it is their right to let them bark at anything (or nothing), any time of the day … “for protection.” There is even one person in our neighborhood that drives around in a pick-up, with his dog constantly barking all the way — setting off most of the others along the way. How insensitive can one be?

Therefore, I would like to commend the Los Alamos County Police Department for sending out their flier, “Guide to managing barking dogs,” to all the residents in Los Alamos County. Last year, the Los Alamos Monitor advertised a radio program on KRSN regarding the same topic, which, although it was well done, did not have the broad impact that I hope the flier can achieve. First, I would hope that dog owners become more responsible; and yes, I know that many of you already are. Second, I would suggest that “the annoyed” report offenders to the police department — this method does work.

In addition, although I believe regular shock collars that are used to control barking are inhumane, a newer type of ultrasonic device is a much better alternative. I encourage both owners of dogs and “the annoyed” to Google “dog silencer.” I have used the “Pro” unit with some success and it would certainly work even better in regular neighborhoods.

Robb Hermes,

former Los Alamos County sheriff

White Rock