The band marches on

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By Maria Jaleh McTeigue

Maybe you’ve heard them playing in the afternoon heat on Sullivan Field or better yet, seen them as they’ve faced rain and snow to perform a halftime show during Friday night football games.
Participating in the Los Alamos Topper Band, under the direction of Drum Majors Adam Sayer, Holly Erickson and Zane Meek, although not seen as a sport by many, requires skill.
Marching requires the ability to memorize field position. To move to that position, one must be able to balance while moving backwards on tip-toe — and just-for-fun, do it while keeping time in your  head and feet. Oh, and of course, play an instrument while moving. Think you’ve got it? Now try to do it all at once.
The LAHS Topper Marching Band has some plans for showcasing its drill talent. Last weekend, the  band members traveled to compete in the Manzano Marching Competition. They returned with the rating of Superior in every catagory.
But that’s not all that has been planned for this group of musicians. This weekend, the LAHS Topper Marching Band is back on the road to their next marching competition, Zia.
The band is only able to succeed with the help of detail orriented teachers and helpers that put together the award-winning show that features members all in step and forming a bigger picture.
“Band is more than just a bunch of people wearing plumes and playing songs. It’s a family,” said flute section leader, Julia Murphy.
Because of Meek and his will to make the band better, the group strives to be more than simply, “above average.”
In addition to the director and drum majors, it is with the help of Mrs. Collins, as well as LAHS band allumni Bethany Budka leading the Colorguard, that the band is able to awe those seated in the stands.

McTeigue is a sophomore at Los Alamos High School.