The bad and the good here

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By Ralph Damiani

There are many pluses and minuses to living here on the Hill. A quiet lifestyle, generally very peaceful days and a quality of life second to none.

But there is a downside: vandalism.

We seem to have our fair share of it and it is always distressing.

The ski hill has been hit, our schools attacked, parked cars damaged and marred. It is sad.

We don’t know exactly why someone would resort to such activities. Some people are bored here and idle hands and all that can be bad.

No, there are things to do, places to go – we simply do not buy the “reason” that they are just bored.

Regardless of why, the events happen and we all suffer the loss.

But there is an upside from all this. Generally, when such an event occurs, the community rallies and good ends are the result.

This is what happened over the Labor Day weekend.

It was during this time that the mountain lion sculpture erected July 31 in the roundabout at Diamond Drive and San Ildefonso Road was found vandalized with paint. It was distressful.

Only, what happened next is not. Residents in the area did not get on the phone and demand that the county do something. No, they took action themselves.

By midmorning residents in the area had organized a cleaning party and soon the sculpture looked as good as new.

There are not enough words of praise for these residents. They saw a wrong and righted it. It is as simple as that.

So when the sculpture’s creator came here this week, his artwork was appropriate for the dedication ceremony.

Los Alamos officers are looking into the vandalism and anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 662-8283. We hope they catch who did this. But regardless, the bad action brought out the good in us and for that, we are thankful.