Baby died of brain disorder

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OMI: Mother’s attorney said this finding closes the Baby Grey case

By Carol A. Clark

Ten months after 11-day-old Grey Vigil of Los Alamos died, the Office of the Medical Investigator has released its autopsy report. The infant was born with a rare brain disorder called hydranencephaly, according to the report, which typically causes death within one year.  

Baby Grey’s mother, Katrina Vigil, has been a suspect in her baby’s death as early police reports indicated that she hid the newborn in a closet for three days to conceal his birth on Sept. 24.

Her attorney, John W. Day of Rothstein, Donatelli, Hughes, Dahlstrom, Schoenburg &  Bienvenu, LLP addressed the OMI’s findings in an interview this morning from his Santa Fe office.

“The autopsy report essentially shows that the baby was born without a brain,” Day said. “We had maintained all along that this was our position. We didn’t conceal anything or try to hide anything and given the fact that the baby died of natural causes – this closes out this tragic chapter.”

Hydranencephaly is a rare condition in which the brain’s cerebral hemispheres are absent and replaced by sacs filled with cerebrospinal fluid, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

Day explained that police had released misinformation early in their investigation.

“This case is a good example of how a little bit of misinformation can spiral out of control,” Day said. “However, once the police realized the misinformation, they did the appropriate thing and backed off and we appreciate that.”

Los Alamos Police Capt. Randy Foster said last fall that based on initial conversations with doctors and a search of the home, they  had reason to believe the baby was hidden in a closet at some point.

The baby’s grandmother later explained that she discovered the baby on a bed in her home.

“The district attorney’s office has asked us not to comment on the case,” Foster said this morning.

The case remains in the District Attorney’s Office in Santa Fe. District Attorney Spence Pacheco could not be reached for comment.

As far as Day is concerned, he said the case is closed.

“The autopsy said the cause of death was natural causes,” he said. “It’s a sad and tragic situation for the family but the autopsy report confirms that no crime was committed. Given the fact that the baby died of natural causes — this case is closed.”

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