Aztec shooting victims in thoughts, prayers of LAPS school officials

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By The Staff

The deadly shooting Thursday at a public school in the Four Corners is deeply troubling, said the Los Alamos Public Schools board and the superintendent.

The shooting left three people dead – two students and the alleged – at Aztec High School in Aztec Thursday morning.

“Our hearts go out to the victims and their families,” Superintendent Kurt Steinhaus and the LAPS school board said following a request from the Monitor for a statement.

The victims, their families and the entire Aztec community are in their thoughts and prayers, they said in the prepared statement.

They also wished to acknowledge the quick actions of the school staff and Aztec’s first responders.

The eight Los Alamos schools are updating safety plans and conducting training sessions to educate staff and students in response to an active shooter or other safety threat, according to the statement.

The district has been training with a standard response protocol called Lock Down, Lock Out Evacuate, and Shelter in Place. More details are available at a website: iloveuguys.org/srp.html.

Students and staff at Chamisa Elementary and Pinon Elementary in White Rock experienced a lock down on Nov. 21 when an armed bank robber fled a branch of Los Alamos National Bank in White Rock – and was shot at by a bystander. No one has been charged in the shooting incident; the alleged robber has not been caught, despite a $5,000 reward.

The need for mental health services are often the next issue raised following a public school shooting, Steinhaus and the board said in the prepared statement.

The Healthy Schools Initiative, in partnership with community providers and Los Alamos County has “strengthened our ability to support LAPS staff and students,” according to the statement.

Each of the schools has counselors available should anyone be experiencing feelings of sadness, worry, or confusion, and would like extra support, according to the statement.