Avid hiker can’t give enough praise

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I love Los Alamos! I love the mountains that surround us; folding us in their majestic embrace.
I love the fresh mountain air and the fluffy white clouds that daily dance across the blue, blue sky.
I love Central Avenue with the flower pots, groups of people enjoying the company of friends along with a cup of coffee at Starbucks, the colorful trolley stopping to pick up passengers and the chance encounter with an old friend.
My walker and I stroll east down the way, dropping in here and there to check out what’s for sale or what’s not.
It doesn’t really matter. I progress on down to wind up at Smith’s.
Doesn’t everyone wind up at Smith’s?
I have lived in this community for 60 years and for 40 of those years, along with several other women (the “Bar-Nothings”), have hiked practically every inch of our mountains, Bandelier and many trails that weren’t really trails at that time.
A couple of weeks ago my walker and I, my daughter and an old friend “hiked” the new canyon-rim trail.
It is incredible and a perfect addition to the trail system that various far-sighted members of our community have worked on so diligently.
I urge everyone to go walk the trail some morning, enjoy the view, breathe in the fresh air and watch for the hawks as they circle above searching for their breakfast. Enjoy!  

Ina Coulter
Los Alamos