Audience absence was astounding

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For the second time my wife and I drove over from Phoenix to see a play put on by the Olions Club of Los Alamos High School.
For the second time, we were energized by these young people.
“An Enemy Of The People” by Henrik Ibsen is serious drama. We found it amazing that a high school drama group would  even attempt to portray such a demanding production, much less deliver it with all the force Ibsen intended.
Although written in 1882, LAHS reset the play in modern times to ease the audience’s connection to the metaphors and message of the play. Simple, yet with a professional quality, the set design also conveyed Ibsen’s message that truth is easily distorted by spin, half truths and outright lies. Windows, distorted as truth was distorted for personal gain, underlined the changing perception of what was real and what was illusion. I doubt there are no more than two other high schools in New Mexico that could accomplish this feat.
But, and this is a big but, where was the audience? Granted it was a Friday night and there was a football game playing across the street. But Los Alamos is a community teeming with intellectual strength. I find it inconceivable that the theater was practically empty. You have a diamond in that high  school theater group and its director. Appreciate it, support it and enjoy it. They will not disappoint.

James Mosier
Phoenix, Ariz.