Attending meetings aids understanding

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I have attended three out of the four public meetings held regarding the design and planning of the 502.  MIG is a firm out of Berkeley and Oregon. They have trained professionals who are versed in city/urban planning and traffic engineers.  They are not new to our community ... they have been coming out since they were hired by the council to: Observe, measure and record traffic patterns.  Their presentation is compelling ... and their sole motivation is to provide the best possible scenario for our community, based on what was expressed by our community members — to provide a safe and effective way for all persons to navigate around our town.
The concerns you read in the “letters to the editor,” are concerns, however they are “uninformed concerns,” meaning if these people actually attended the meetings they would have heard their issues addressed and resolved.  Issues like congestion, emergency vehicle access, snow removal, detriment to businesses have all been painstakingly considered and resolved.
During the MIG public meetings scenarios, A1 and A2 were the original options. But after more discussion, A3 is the new adopted version that meets everyone’s criteria.  It consists of a single through lane in each direction with a central median that also has left hand turn lane options along the corridor. There is also a bike lane with a wider shoulder on the other side for snow removal and the ability to pass during an emergent situation.
There are also bus pull outs so as not to affect the flow of traffic — remember the tragic death of a junior high student on North Mesa a year ago? This can now be prevented since there will be a “buffer,” of oncoming traffic and a lower average traffic speed.  Roundabouts will be installed in phases at key locations to assist the constant flow of traffic without stopping and idling (reducing carbon emissions) and provide a proven statistically safer environment for both cars and other modes of transportation than our existing traditional signals.
There is nothing “obsolete,” regarding roundabouts, they are being incorporated in communities around the country and world. You are misinformed Mrs. Cady and Mr. Roberts. Your suggestion of making Trinity a single lane for a month would not in anyway represent the actual A3 plan.

Mike Hoog
Los Alamos