Atomic City Update: Girls’ lacrosse program proves to be good for LA

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By Phil Scherer

Of all the things I have seen during this school year, I don’t think I have ever seen as much excitement from a team as I saw this week as the girls’ lacrosse team won its first ever game as a program. 

For anyone who just happens to wander past Dara Jones Field at Overlook Park during one of the team’s games, there is now way you would know they have only played three games together ever. 

No, they may not have the skills to match up against talented teams that have been playing together for years. But honestly, that doesn’t matter. 

I was at the team’s first game of the season, a 15-2 loss against Rio Rancho. To compare the level of skill I saw from the Hilltoppers in that game compared to the effort I saw this week in the team’s 9-2 win against Bosque would be impossible. 

It is clear that coach Whitney Pryce and her team are working hard every day in practice, and it is great to see that effort be rewarded with positive results. 

More than anything, this team is trying to grow the sport of lacrosse in this town, and in this state, especially for girls.

Everyone involved with the team is passionate about the sport, and cares about getting better. 

I have no doubt that this year’s team will get more people excited about playing lacrosse, and that the sport will continue to grow. 

After the win this week, while I was talking to Pryce and her captains, Ashlyn Baker and Allina Bergemann, Baker said something that really stuck with me. 

She said that one of the most exciting things about playing lacrosse on this team was seeing so many people from different friend groups come together and become close. 

These girls really are pioneers in Los Alamos in a lot of ways. Sure, they are the first group to play girls’ lacrosse together. But they are also forming a new group on campus. Never before has a large group of girls been able to bond over playing lacrosse. 

This team is made up of people who play lots of other sports. For some, this is the only sport they play. They may not have thought they had much in common before, but now they are able to come together because of a game they love. And that’s a great opportunity; one that Baker believes is helping the team succeed on and off the field. 

The team may not win many more games this season, but they are blazing the trail for generations of future lacrosse players in Los Alamos. 

And based on how excited Pryce was following LAHS’ first win, anyone would be lucky to be a part of that program.