Assets In Action: Youth out in full force in LA

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

This week, we look at Asset number 8, Youth as Resources. This is when youth are given a useful role in the community.
As always, I like to start with the data, so in 2009, our sixth through 12th grade students reported that 31 percent of them had this Asset in their lives. The 2013 data reports 35 percent.
This weekend a variety of youth played a very useful role in the community and the life of a recently injured soldier.
The 5K run to benefit Micah Anderson, many community youth took to the streets to make a difference for one of our heroes, right from the heart of the community.
Now I didn’t see everyone, but the cross country team and the wrestling team were out in full force, their coaches could be seen hitting the road. too.
Wrestler Mateo Cardiel called cadence, while the team ran in modified formation, carrying the colors the whole way.
The cub scouts from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints presented the colors and we were off to the races.
Over the course of the last week, a whole heap of youth from all grade levels of the community helped Assets In Action make cards for Veterans. Children from Chamisa Elementary, Los Alamos Middle School students, Carson Brewer, the skate club members LAMS student council, plus LAHS NJROTC students, wrote notes, drew pictures and took the time to thank true USA heroes for their work. One even hand delivered each card.
The work couldn’t have happened with out the assistance of Mrs. Lee’s class, fabulous art teacher, Renee Mitsunaga, Linda Bennett, Gunny Painter and Lt. Cdr Shumaker. I know the column is about youth, but they inspire the youth everyday!
The cards were delivered to four local organizations that house just some of our veterans including; Aspen Ridge, Sombrillo, the American legion and the Veteran’s of Foreign Wars all received giant thank yous complete with heart felt messages.
The American Legion and Ken Nadeau also donated a new flag to fly at Sombrillo.
During the month of October, the NJROTC unit also held a BBQ brisket night, raising funds for Micah. The youth set up the hall, helped cook the food, served the food and did it all with a smile for a very deserving young man.
So when the news talks about kids that make poor choices, don’t forget to say a kind word to the ones that do good deeds and don’t even want the recognition.
Oh, and if you find a useful role for those that have made poor choices, maybe you can just build some Assets yourself.
Assets In Action is sponsored by the JJAB and the Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation.
Please consider donating your spare change to benefit the Community Asset Awards through the month of November at your friendly Smith’s Grocery stores.