Assets in Action: What to say about one’s life accomplishments?

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

During the next two weeks, I’d like to look at life from two perspectives.
The first week is a look at life from one’s end.
If you could think a moment about your own funeral, not in a morbid sense, but from the position of one that attends, what would they say about you?
There’s a poem by Linda Ellis called, “The Dash.”
It explains how the really important thing about your tombstone isn’t the date you are born or the date you die, but the dash that represents everything in between.
Mac Anderson worked with Ellis to put the poem of, “The Dash,” in book form. Anderson, an entrepreneur, has made a philosophy and a business in concentrating on positive attributes.
If you read any one of a variety of the inspirational resources, they help drive character, leadership or athleticism and put life in perspective.
If you have been to a funeral for a really good person, did the words spoken make an impact on you? Has hearing about the life of someone good been enough to change you?
So again, I bring you back to a seat at your funeral. Perhaps you aren’t sure of what would be said about you. Perhaps you can imagine what would be said and you aren’t happy about it?
Well, you can start fresh any day and that change can start today.
You can learn more about the authors, be inspired, fill the well or make a purchase, at their websites. SimpleTruths.com or LindaEllis.net.
Next week, we will look at life from the perspective of an elementary student and the life ahead of us.
Assets In Action is a community building program of the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce and the JJAB.