Assets in Action: Wedding bells ring for local couple after chance meeting

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

It all started with the Hill Diner’s banana cream pie.
A year ago last month, you may have read my column about local teacher, Valerie Adams receiving a surprise proposal after the conspiracy of the Hill Diner, De Colores at the Gate and few devious pals.
Adams and boyfriend Tim, went on their first date to the Hill Diner. Recently, a new chapter was opened as the couple exchanged nuptials in the backyard of Valerie’s dad’s home.
The story gets better.
When the couple met, my husband Chad introduced his former Navy pal to Valerie. That weekend visit included stops at the Bradbury Science Museum and a spin around The Next Big Idea at Ashley Pond — and of course a stop for banana cream pie.
The weekend was over too soon and after a drop at the airport, Val went to breakfast with her dad at an Albuquerque eatery.
Feeling like a giddy schoolgirl, Val prayed that if she wasn’t too old to feel this way, she needed a sign. She also asked that the sign be pretty blatant because sometimes even adults miss the signs.
Her dad took her to a restaurant in Albuquerque called Tim’s place.
Tim is a lovely young man with Down’s Syndrome and the owner of the restaurant where their motto is, “World’s friendliest restaurant, serving breakfast, lunch and hugs.”
When she turned the menu over, she saw the owner was named, Tim Harris … exactly the same as Chad’s buddy.
Now if you ask me, that’s a pretty good sign.
Family surrounded the perfect pair, with Val being walked down the aisle by two of her three sons, Clint and Cody.
Her brother Clay continues to ride his way to success covering bulls throughout the state. Tim’s daughter Dakotah Harris kept the Los Alamos family up-to-date. The younger Harris assisted our local community by texting photos of the event and informing everyone when the moment was official.
The pair planned to dine earlier today at Tim’s Place. I really hope Tim had a chance to meet Tim and exchange a hug.