Assets in Action: 'Tis the season for the flu

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

Ahh, it is that time of year again, time for my annual germ column.
No, I didn’t go back to find what I wrote last year, but usually around this time, I attempt to write something about germs.
For those of you that haven’t gotten your flu shot yet, please do so, as we still have a long way to go. I hear many people say, “well I never get a flu shot and I have never gotten the flu.” My answer to that is, your fortune is due to the 97 percent of people around you that probably do get it — and that is why you are healthy.
If I had the time to investigate it, I would research the number of shots given out in our community through various resources. Blue Cross Blue Shield providing flu shots at our local Smith’s grocery was such a great resource to the community.
While I’m pretty sure that we still don’t have a local public health nurse, probably going on the third or fourth month, I’m sure arrangements can be made with them.
I used to babysit for a doctor and she said she picked me because she knew I would spray the handle of the grocery store cart with Lysol before putting my baby in it. You only have to see a baby suck on that one time to actually feel your skin crawl. My advice — unless you really have to take them to the store — don’t do it!
Now, don’t worry, I’m not that picky on a daily basis, but when you have someone hospitalized for the flu or you have someone with pneumonia and treatment isn’t working, you kind of give people a look when the three seconds of pain is what prevents them from getting their flu shot. If you have an actual fear of needles, doctors can help with that issue.
I encourage you to donate a new supply of tissues, germ lotion and wipes to the variety of school sites your children attend.
If you have students that can’t bring themselves to take it with them, then you should take it with you next time you go to school. Drop it by the office when you pick them up, drop them off or attend a performance.
If you have the child that uses a hundred tissues at home, consider taking two boxes to school.
If kids don’t wash their hands regularly, encourage them to use germ lotion or wipes.
Cover that cough or sneeze unless you are in your vehicle by yourself. The number of grown adults that I see cough or sneeze, without the slightest attempt to shield the blast baffles me.
Finally, stay home if you are sick — especially if you or your children have a fever. I’m not sure where we get the idea that the world can’t go on without our help.
Sorry to be sassy, but for the number of people that are annoyed by the column, there are probably two that want to slip it under someone’s door. Now go take some vitamins.