Assets In Action: Technology can be a blessing or a curse

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

This week, we talk about technology as it relates to adults.
To me, technology is a blessing and a curse.
When I know what I’m doing, it is a blessing. When I don’t know what I’m doing, it is a curse.
I have a cell phone — by no means top of the line, actually a hand-me-down from my son. It is not a Smart phone, but alas, it is probably smarter than I am.
The other day I was at Smith’s in White Rock, when a young worker named Shane (I think … I’m a bear of very little brain this week), asked to scan the barcode looking emblem on my shirt.
You see them everywhere now, in advertisements, in stores and more.
Do you know what happens when you scan them or what they do?
Well, Shane took the time to show me what happens.
The shirt I was wearing was for a group called America’s Promise. The emblem on the back of the shirt was able to be scanned by his cell phone and it took him to their website.
Yes, a cell phone that could take a photo of what looks like a puzzle piece on my shirt, allowed the boy to look up information about a program and our community and have it all at his fingertips.
Now, I want to talk about the downside of technology for me.
I jumped on the Facebook and Twitter craze with Assets In Action, hoping to get information out to folks that perhaps don’t read the paper or listen to KRSN.
I try to be diligent and keep them updated, in the same breath, not going overboard and posting too much.
I have a few new followers from time to time, but it doesn’t go like gangbusters.
Then I heard about a young man named Bobak Ferdowsi.
Does that name sound familiar? It might not, but I bet you’ll know in a minute. Ferdowsi is the “mohawk guy.”
He is one of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory engineers that recently worked on the Mars Rover landing.
Now don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that younger boys and girls can see someone rockin’ a mohawk in a high-powered job, even getting a nod from the president of the United States and not being judged by his hair.
Then I think of this program and how, in 15 hours a week, I try to cultivate new relationships to the youth development work of Assets.
Here is my dilemma. Ferdowsi’s hair has 51,000 Twitter followers — not the man, just his hair!
I’m not even sure what to say about that other than if you take the time to post what you are having for breakfast or that you are going to bed, then I hope you will take the time to embrace the Assets and sign on to benefit the youth of our state.
I hope we can find some balance and add some yin to the yang in our lives, or yang to the yin, whatever the case may be.
I ask that you do just one thing to enhance life for the youth in and around the region.
You can talk to them about their hobbies, look them in the eye when you talk to them or ask them to teach you something new. At a minimum, if you can rally the effort, meet us on Facebook or Twitter and maybe we will inspire you.

Assets In Action is a program of the JJAB and the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce. Join their efforts on Facebook/AssetsInAction or on Twitter at AssetsInAction.