Assets In Action: Tackle the tough questions with teens

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

While I may have already addressed that it is May, I am compelled to stress the overall theme of the month yet again.
May is a ridiculously nutty time of year for a whole lot of folks.
Recently, I was surprised to hear another parent talk about their living room being a little extra messy, which made me recall some things about May.
If you think I have a grain of common sense, take this from me. Find a night to sit around the dinner table and take a breath.
Tell the youth in your life that May is a stressful time for everyone and they need to pause and think before they act when tensions are high, or their brains aren’t working.
Think of the sayings that seem to be embedded into our very beings as people. Stop, Look and Listen means to look before you cross the train tracks. Stop, Drop and Roll is what you do when your clothing is on fire. Looking both ways before you cross the street keeps you safe.
I think the month of May should come with a similar warning sign, but I’m not sure I can encapsulate it into a cute little memory trigger.
What I want to say is watch what you say, don’t do it because everyone else is, mind you manners, just say no if you know it is wrong, and of course, be careful out there.
See no easy fix, huh?
So since it isn’t simple, but have a few of those tough conversations. If you don’t, you may regret it if you don’t believe anything will happen because you have good kids, they have nice friends, you’ve never had to worry before.
Every day has new challenges for our children and issues we never faced in the past, to the same degree. So talk, talk, talk, even if you don’t think they’re listening. Oh, and notice that I didn’t say nag, nag, nag, there’s a huge difference if the conversation is two sided when you talk.
Finally, I hope you wish someone a happy teacher/staff appreciation week. Also did you know it is the same week to thank nurses and the school counselors.
You know at least one of those who have probably worked their bum off on behalf of your student, so put pen to paper, finger to computer or flower to vase. Thank one, thank some, or thank many, but at least one.
Life is so very short and while things may seem to go slow, it is over before you know it, another day, another month or another school year.
Have a great week and be careful out there.

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