Assets in Action: Summer vacation winds down

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

Time is fleeting and you still might need to squeeze in some fun.
Take this last week to do something fun, something just plain silly, something memorable.
If your budget permits, get out of dodge and go do something different.
Head up to Water World, in Denver and take advantage of a great water park. It was rated as one of Forbes Magazine’s, coolest water parks.
Let your hair down and have a really good time. Try and surf, making a total fool of yourself and take pictures of your adventures. See what a hydro-magnetic water coaster is, if you feel the need for some science along the way. They even added a family buffet if you need to chow down while there.
Take the family to the water races and see who has the skills on that particular day.
Go in the wave pool and see what fun waves can be when there is no salt in the water and no sand in your swimsuit. What genius invented this stellar experience?
Take a long ride on a lazy river and do some people watching, smile at people you don’t know and hand off your tube to someone waiting in line, or tell someone they have a nice tattoo.
Don’t have the funds for fun? Then do it on the cheap. Go to the Redbox at Smith’s and rent “The Lorax.” It will only cost you $1. Then have pancakes with whipped topping and sprinkles for dinner. You might even have those ingredients on hand.
Try to do something that will create a memory. It doesn’t take a lot of money to do that.
Yes, it would be nice to go somewhere fun, spend a ton of money on whatever strikes your fancy, but the opportunity doesn’t always present itself.
Try making an old family recipe and taking pictures of everyone doing it. Make doughnuts or pasta and give everyone a role in the process. You can even rotate the jobs so everyone does a little bit of everything.
Most important, try not to have too many rules. Don’t worry about a little mess and throw perfection out the window. Fun is the key ingredient and if you throw in the “extra” family members, who really aren’t related, but maybe should be, gets you extra points from me.
Enjoy the week because we only have one left and then comes school, practice, homework, etc., etc., etc.
Take a day off or just shut the electronics off for one night, extend bedtime — and love regretting that choice the next day.
Life is short people, so make it good while it lasts.

Bernadette Lauritzen is the Assets Coordinator for Los Alamos. The Juvenile Justice Advisory Board and the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce sponsor Assets in Action. August is Assets month in Los Alamos find out more at AssetsInAction.info.