Assets In Action: Staying positive can go a long way

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

The saying from the Progressive commercial, “These are troubling times in the kingdom,” keeps popping into my head when I least expect it.
As we look at the asset of positive identity this month, can I ask you to not just consider youth, but consider everyone in the kingdom.
Take a minute to realize that loss in a community, especially of someone so young, in a town our size, is overwhelming to say the very least.
During this time, I also ask you to understand that there are many feelings that abound, not only this week, but over the next few weeks, which can include; sadness, anger, depression, confusion and more.
As a community of support, you need to understand that when we lose someone, even the many, many people that didn’t know that person, can be equally sad for a variety of reasons.
The holidays are very tough for people for a variety of reasons. They might include financial difficulties, health issues, weather and loss of anyone that made you especially happy during the holiday season.
When I work with the elementary students, I explain that you never know what is going on in someone’s life.
The person with the biggest smile can be troubled; they just don’t show their emotions.
This weekend, I heard about a program called, HUGS. It stands for Help Us Grow Spiritually. You’ll recall, I don’t care how you define spiritually, as long as you aren’t the center of the universe.
How wonderful to spread hugs and know you might be helping people along the way.
If you start every day with the intent to do good, to be kind, to help someone in even the smallest way, everyone feels better at the end of the day.
So try and stop people when they get too negative, stop them when they blame others and help them to see something good, something positive, something that will help them grow.
Sometimes everyone is trying to do their best and just because you would have done it differently, doesn’t mean it isn’t the right thing to do. Sometimes we don’t have all of the information we need to understand the situation the same way. Sometimes we will never know the information, the reasons for choices or the answers to the questions.
What we do know, is what we can control and sometimes, that isn’t very much. What we do know is that to the best of our ability, we can start each day off on a positive note. We can try and be the bright spot in someone’s day, with a kind word, a nice gesture or perhaps a hug.
Finally, if you offer to help verbally, perhaps follow it up with a written or email offer to. If someone needs your help, hopefully they’ll ask, but if not, let things be so you don’t overwhelm. Everyone handles things differently, so be understanding and don’t take offense.

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