Assets in Action: Spreading holiday cheer

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

Happy holidays!
This week, we are still in the asset category of empowerment with a look at the asset of safety (#10).
I will stretch on this area, but bear with me for a minute.
This Saturday, the Trinity on the Hill will offer the best event of the season, the Children’s Bazaar.
The event allows families, with children in kindergarten through sixth grade, an opportunity to shop for holiday gifts on their own.
Children arrive at the church between 9 a.m. and noon, with a list of 10 names or less. Youth workers escort them to a special room, where they can purchase gifts to surprise family members on upcoming holidays.
The items are varied and the prices are more than reasonable, but the increase in the asset category of empowerment is huge.
It doesn’t matter what holiday you celebrate. Yes, I realize it is a Christian church, but think of all of the upcoming holidays, including birthdays, during which your children would love the opportunity to surprise the adults in their lives.
While the pint-sized shoppers go on their merry way, parents and caregivers are treated to baked goods, newspapers and the excitement yet to come.
Trinity on the Hill has thought of everything, as they even wrap the gifts and include gift cards for each item.
Oh wait, there’s more! This year they will have a special heroes table set up to send our military service members overseas, holiday cards. So if your shopper is too young for this special shopping experience, there are some special activities they can do, too.
They’re too old you say? TOTH would love to have your older students as volunteers for the day. Volunteers not only receive warm, fuzzy feelings, but a special shopping opportunity, too.
The TOTH family will celebrate 10 years of this event and before the real insanity of the season kicks off, you should spend some time there, this Saturday.
They would love donations of any items for the little shoppers to purchase, would really appreciate  gift bags or tags and holiday cards (envelopes a must) would be delightful.
TOTH offers holiday shopping for the youth, in a fun, safe, loving environment, while keeping it local, too. It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

The Juvenile Justice Advisory Board and the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce sponsor Assets in Action. Nominate someone for a Community Asset Award by Dec.17 at AssetsInAction.info.