Assets In Action: Special thanks to teachers of influence

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

You might have noticed that I don’t generally use this column to talk directly about my children.
Today, that will change as I feel the need to elaborate on one particular senior in the class of 2014.
My son Chandler will graduate from the halls of Los Alamos High School this Saturday.
He is a pretty wonderful young man and I believe that is due, in no small part, to the many wonderful staff members of Los Alamos Public Schools and no, I won’t be able to name them all and for that, I do apologize.
However, it all started with the most wonderful woman, named Becky Sims, whom I have spoke of before and feel the need to call out, just one more time.
It continued from there with Mrs. Tricia Javernick, Mrs. Laura Gallimore, Ms. Valerie Adams, Mrs. Cathy Wiget, Mr. Joshua Wells and then Mrs. Kassandra Brandt, when he left mid-year and finally a rounded out our elementary years with Mrs. Debbie Smith. I should mention Mrs. Carol Hermes, who had the audacity to move to another school, but Chamisa couldn’t keep all of the love to herself.
We then ventured on to middle school and more wonderful people like Mr. Curtis Terrill and Rita Sanchez.
Finally we arrive at high school and Mr. Gary Houfek, Mr. Scott Pomeroy, Mr. Nick Matuszak and Ms. Joy Handsberry. There were others and as I said, I can’t name them all.
There is one thing they all have in common, the supreme ability to build Assets. They harnessed the power to build relationships with students and parents and accomplish so much more in the process.
To the parents of the junior class, I say hang on this is about to be one of the fastest years of your life.
We’re so lucky to live on this Hill, to have excellent schools, wonderful neighborhoods and great community services through our county.
If you add some great community organizations, clubs and sports and hopefully the right kind of parent engagement, a solid faith and a little luck thrown in, I think chances are you may get a good outcome.
Chad and I, along with many of you have raised a pretty wonderful young man. He has spent three of his four spring breaks building homes for the poor in Mexico, all of his own accord.
So thanks everyone, because I do believe it takes a village and we’re proud to live in your village.
Chandler, we are so very proud of you and the great young man you have become. I hope you and your fellow classmates of 2014 have experienced good times during your K-12th grade experiences here.
You will all be missed and we hope you come back to the pond, to take a dip every now and again.
Use the lessons you have learned since the early days of Chamisa, to allow you to have fun while experiencing life, and not take too many things so seriously that you lose the joy of a life well lived.
Love, Mom