Assets in Action: Showing support for teachers

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

This week, I wanted to share a story about an Asset building teacher, during this teacher appreciation week.
Our youngest son will graduate this year from Chamisa Elementary and so will end our formal relationship with the Asset building Cheetah crew.
There was one in particular, that started us on our educational path.
Becky Sims or Mrs. Sims was the kindergarten teacher of all three of our children.
Sims “trained us well,” teaching the parents as well as their children about how to engage in the educational process.
Mrs. Sims formed the relationship of the entire family to the school, the one that not only led to numerous volunteer opportunities, but more importantly, that we were partners in education.
Once during a high school Cookies and Conversation earlier this year, the attendees were asked about their fondest kindergarten memory. One of the students recalled baking in her class on Wednesdays.
Sims and another teacher started a program where sixth grade students are matched with kindergarteners to give the new students an instant friend. The pairs or occasionally trios do art projects, math lessons and sometimes science throughout the year, building friendships and Assets along the way.
Our youngest son, Aaron is now the sixth grader and later this month, his kinderbuddy, Clint will return to meet Aaron’s kinderbuddy, Jason.
Our family has been friends with Clint and his family since he left the Cheetah den after his sixth grade graduation. Yesterday Clint turned 18 and today Aaron will visit him with a small birthday gift for his gift to Aaron so many years ago.
One teacher, many lessons and never enough thanks. Thank you Mrs. Sims! Thank you and every school teacher and staff member that bless the lives of children every day. You are the true American heroes.
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