Assets In Action: Recognize community members all year long

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

OK, I like to admit when I’m wrong and last week, I did something wrong. I forgot to give you the address for sending your support to the county council about reinstating the funds cut from their budget for the teen center. The address is countycouncil@lacnm.us.
The good news is it allows me to update you to the fact that the issue goes before county council on Jan. 28. If your schedule permits, swing on by the fun. I will caution you however to still send an email, write a letter, or make a call. The room could be packed and the average bear might not make it through the whole session, to have your chance to speak. If you take a few minutes now, it is better safe than sorry.
Now on to happier news.
The first Saturday of each new year is a time to reflect on the good deeds done by so many in and around our community with the Community Asset Awards. If you are new to town, each year we recognize the efforts put forth by folks of all ages to make our little neck of the woods a great place.
Give us about a week to get things up and running for 2014, but the truth is you can nominate people all year long. Like we try and teach our youth, don’t wait until the last minute to get your nomination in because life will happen and you will ultimately forget.
The beauty of the event is that folks of all ages are recognized for small contributions and large contributions alike. There is no tremendous competition, as everyone is acknowledged and receives an award for their service.
Sure there is one, or in the case of this year two, folks selected from all of those nominated to be considered for a little more recognition. That was done to honor Leadership Los Alamos alumni Jim West and this great little idea we had to salute great people.
This year we had an array of folks from eighth grade student Michaelle Sutton for her volunteer work with the Empty Bowl project to senior citizens for countless hours, one with as many as 2,000 donated to the community within a three year period. While they don’t try and make too big of a fuss with the number of hours, Peg Hume may be Wonder Woman reincarnated.
Some folks didn’t get a chance to get the glory like Sue Barns, who works with service dogs to benefit her fellow man, Danny McBride who along with the everyday firefighting heroes, also volunteer to change smoke detector batteries for others in their spare time, Go unity team! Oh and Danny, call me, you are a hard fellow to track down.
Last but not least, we had three nominees get sick the night before or day of the event. Susan Sisk, Marisa Prince Den Baars and Youth Resource Advocate, Troy Palmer all who go the extra mile and found it one more mile then they could handle on this particular day. We will make sure you get your certificates.
So thank you to all of the do-gooders and if you forgot to nominate someone, someone called me two days after the event to put in a name for 2013, perhaps we have our first nomination for 2014.
Thanks to the JJAB, the LACDC and Smith’s Food and Drug for another great year.