Assets In Action: Programs help youth make wise choices

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The last asset in the Positive Values category is No. 30, Restraint. That is when a young person believes it is important not to be sexually active, or to use alcohol or other drugs.
So, I will start out with the data, because I’m sure it keeps some people reading the rest of the column. The survey for 2009 has the data at 47 percent. The 2013 data has the more recent number at 51 percent.
I have two thoughts about these numbers. One that I have mentioned before, is that if your vehicle only worked half of the time, would that be OK? If you only got paid for 51 percent of your work week, would that be OK?
So, only half of the time, youth are making the right choice, when it comes to drugs and alcohol.
The other difference is that, I’ll bet if you spoke to almost anyone that works regularly with youth, they would say things are much more stressful now than they were five years ago.
Do we know all of the reasons why we believe that to be true? No, but something needs to change and it needs to change soon.
One way to get involved is to come to the showing of, “Race To Nowhere,” 6:30 p.m. Thursday at UNM-LA. The student-led production will include resources from several local programs available to families and ways even those without children can help.
There are a variety of ways that people can help, to donating your change, your time, or even a bag of candy or a box of granola bars.
Assets In Action will have a booth set up at this event to offer low or no cost ways to help our youth. You can also drop by with any of the above-mentioned items, as the month of March and our March on Hunger, comes to an end.
I want to thank the Leadership Los Alamos Class of 2014, the next best class, who did an in-class drive and benefitted two community programs in the process. An additional thanks to David Izraelevitz, who will continue into April with another collection.
Finally, we have a date for a community Skype set up with author James Vollbracht of “Stopping At Every Lemonade Stand, How to Create a Culture that Cares for Kids.” The presentation, followed by a Q&A, will be 6:30 p.m. April 29 at Chamisa Elementary. So drop what you’re doing and order the book, borrow it from a friend, or download it on your electronic device.
There may even be a fundraising lemonade stand on site. The time is now, get your hands on a copy and I hope to see you there.

Assets In Action is sponsored by the JJAB and the LACDC.