Assets In Action: Practice service to others

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

Service to others is a perfect asset for the week. This week, try and think of a young person that you know that does great things in the community.
During this week of Thanksgiving, drop them a short note and thank them for the work that they do.
Do you need a better idea? You can nominate youth or adults for the Community Assets Award. The nomination process kicks off this week and goes until Dec. 17.
There are so many youth that do great things and are never acknowledged for their efforts.
I only dabble in the cyber world of Facebook, but I notice a lot of people taking the 30 days of November to announce their gratitude for something each day, this month.
They say that you have to do something for 30 days in a row to make it a habit, so they are giving it a try.
When you focus on the good things, you pay attention to them more often.
How many of us rush around and never take the time to see the little things that make each day worth rolling out of bed in the morning?
I hope you will take a minute to send me an email, Facebook post (AssetsInAction) or Tweet (#AssetsInAction) about what you are thankful for today, this month — or even this year.
Soon we will be in the midst of thinking about what goal we might have for the New Year. Perhaps being grateful for something each day — or maybe even starting slower and being grateful for something each Sunday — works for you.
That might just set the tone for the week that keeps you positive, even when the chips are down.
You can add youth to the mix too. Ask them what they are happy about sometime, start on Thanksgiving and see where that leads.
Our family does it when we sit at the dinner table for a meal — and believe me, that is FAR from every night — during this time of year.
I warn you, whatever is the best part of the day, may not be the golden nugget you hope to hear, but no worries, you’ll find that your favorite thing might be something trivial too.
If the task seems too hard, go spend time visiting the dogs and cats at the shelter. There’s nothing a good fuzzy hug can’t cure.

The Juvenile Justice Advisory Board and the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce sponsor Assets in Action. You can nominate someone for the Community Asset Awards at AssetsInAction.info.