Assets in Action: MLK Day and the inauguration

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

I hope you spent some time yesterday taking in the 2013 Inauguration.
The politics of the day don’t matter when you have a chance to witness history in the making — especially if you can share it with youth.
I viewed the event from a different perspective, taking in all the SPARKS or passions that were represented on a grand stage.
As a speech communications major, I like to watch for the speeches, the pomp and circumstance and I love a good military march from the Marine Corps Band, also known as The President’s Own.
We had the representation of music from instrumental to James Taylor, Kelly Clarkson and Beyoncé. How wonderful for every age to be able to relate.
There was also the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir and the solo of Alicia Olatula, during the “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Think of the possibility that elementary-aged kids can see what can become of their passions. I understand that it is even available on iTunes.
There was fashion and hairstyle discussion throughout the day and I’m sure that will continue for the days ahead.
Poetry from Richard Blanco was part of the program and Blanco even used it to pay tribute to his mother’s work, to provide him the moment. How neat to see so much art and culture throughout the morning.
How could you not be excited for Al Roker when he received a nod from both the president and vice president during the parade? The camaraderie with his colleagues was an over-the-top fun-filled moment.
I wish Inauguration Day would be saved for Martin Luther King Jr. Day every four years. It allows a wonderful chance for families to spend the day actually living history in the moment.
We couldn’t be there, but technology allows us to experience every moment as it happens. Our children can actually see former presidents that they learn about in history books, who are still part of the process. It demonstrates to our children that the negativity can be set aside for the day to honor the process.
This is one of the reasons men and women serve in uniform.
What a wonderful place to live.

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