Assets in Action: Make lasting memories this holiday

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

Now that the holidays have arrived, let’s talk memories instead of gifts.

What is your greatest memory from your childhood regarding the holidays? Is there something your family did that you can re-create, even if it is only once? Is there a tradition you can start that doesn’t take an act of Congress?

Now in a perfect world, I could re-create for my sons, the joy of being the kid of a Disney employee. My dad worked for Disney World and they would close the park down for an employee Christmas party. We were never rich, so it was dream to walk the uncrowded park, with no lines, small prices and Disney artists willing to sketch something for free. I still have a Winnie-the-Pooh hidden away safe until the day I am smart enough to frame it.

I think there are so many little things that you can do that doesn’t cost much, if any money at all.

Of course, one of my favorite ideas is baking cookies. Nothing makes me happier than to know what is your favorite cookie? I even have a special cookie I like to make, nothing spectacular, but memorable for sure.

My husband was given his mother’s donut recipe a few years ago. Now, we totally enjoy making them and swarming our neighbors with warm donuts. It is always a big undertaking, but one we try and pull off once a year. The kids are allowed to add their own ideas on frosting them, stuffing them or sugaring them. The year when one of the boys asked if we could do it when we had time off during the break, was music to the ears.

I have an idea for those of you with elementary age children. “Mary Poppins Returns” arrives in theaters on Dec. 19. I believe this is one of those times when parents and their kids can make an afternoon or an evening of it. Definitely see it in the theater because it is sure to be spectacular on the big screen.

Go by yourselves, not with friends and create what could be a life-long memory.

Maybe you get popcorn and a candy or go to lunch or dinner after. Do something to add to it not being just a regular day. If we are still talking about seeing and still watching the original “Mary Poppins”(1964), this could be your chance.

Then again, young teenage girls just might be smitten enough with the current Bert, actually called Jack being played by Lin-Manuel Miranda. How Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is it that Dick Van Dyke returns, too?