Assets In Action: LANL Family Day builds community relationships

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

This week, I wanted to offer my personal kudos to Los Alamos National Laboratory, for a wonderful Family Day.
The event, done as part of the 70th anniversary celebration, was obviously the result of many hours of planning and lots of effort by both staff and volunteers.
The result was a success.
The opportunity for so many to make a different connection to the Los Alamos National Laboratory, was an engaging way to build relationships with family and community.
Our family had the opportunity to tour the Emergency Operations Center and view the hub where the decision makers operate.
It gave a new perspective of how LANL leadership, LANL Emergency Management, Los Alamos County Emergency Management, Chief Wayne Torpy and Chief Doug Tucker must have pulled together to work as a team during the Las Conchas Fire, using collaboration for a common goal.
We toured the CINT-Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies building and had an opportunity to glimpse the future and what possibilities we may see.
The time taken to explain quantum dots to novice minds, put into perspective some new and wonderful things the laboratory is doing, many not even known to those that live just over the bridge.
This type of relationship building allows those that don’t work there to have a new understanding of the science, the research and the potential for all of mankind.
It also gives us a frame of reference to build upon when talking about what we do here, on the hill.
We toured the NSSB-National Securities Sciences Building and listened to Tim Ickes share the possibilities of 3D printers and the work being done with them.
We took time to discover the static displays at Los Alamos High School and see some items we only hear about on television and in the movies.
We did the windshield tour and traveled to some places we didn’t even know were there.
We saw how history is used in the information gathering for the future and is still used today.
The best part was that we saw our friends and neighbors and learned about where they work and what they do.
Isn’t it funny that we may have known someone for years and have no idea the wonders of what they get to do each day?
I don’t mean in a confidential sort of way, but in a, we don’t take the time to discover what it is about adults that make each other tick.
I’m certain that Los Alamos National Laboratory could do such an event once a month and never run out of topics to show us. My hope is that they do it again for the 75th and let us see what they have to share.

Assets In Action is a community-building program of the Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation and the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board.